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5 - Student News

Updates on MA and PhD students

Christopher Allers, supervisor Ron Kuipers
Christopher Allers' successfully completed his pre-dissertation area exam, the penultimate requirement for the Ph.D. degree. All that remains is successful completion and defense of his dissertation, which he will now begin writing, based on a dissertation proposal entitled "The Miracle of Forgivenes: Between and Beyond Condoning and Excusing." The examiners were Ron Kuipers (thesis supervisor), Shannon Hoff (internal examiner), Jeffrey Dudiak (Kings/adjunct ICS, internal examiner, by phone), and John Caruana (Ryerson, external examiner).

Kevin Huinink, supervisor Doug Blomberg
In November, Kevin Huinink successfully defended his MA thesis entitled "What Children Can Do: A Polycultural Garden Theory of Development for Education". Kevin has taught for many years at Woodland Christian High School, Breslau, Ontario. He challenges psychological theories that impose limitations on what is developmentally appropriate for children to learn. Drawing critically on reformational philosophy, Kevin argues for an understanding of children as image-bearers who are constitutionally capable of functioning in all modes of experience from an early age. In dialogue with holistic educators, he defends an expansive view of children’s potential that schools should seek to nurture.

Jeff Morrisey, Supervisor Shannon Hoff


In November, Jeff Morrisey successfully defended his M.A. thesis to a committee comprising Shannon Hoff, Bob Sweetman, and John Russon (external examiner). The thesis, “Speaking Bodies: Communication and Freedom in Fichte and Merleau-Ponty,” is a creative and insightful synthesis of these two thinkers. In it Jeff argues that freedom is a complex intersubjective, bodily, and linguistic phenomenon—that we develop as free beings capable of meaningful lives only on the basis of bodily and linguistic interaction with the world and with other people. Jeff is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.