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2 - By the Numbers: facts about ICS in 2012-13

20 courses offered
47 Junior members in degree programs
37 additional Junior members in courses, primarily from the toronto school of theology
10 faculty presentations at church and community conferences
6 student sessions at church and community conferences
7 articles in popular or professional venues
4 scholarly articles from faculty
2 books from faculty
3 book manuscripts
2 book proposals
16 papers at scholarly conferences
2 articles in magazines
4 forewords
4 refereed manuscripts
2 successful Junior member grant applications
2 Junior member scholarly papers published
9 graduates at the 2012 convocation
2 honorary doctorates conferred
2 major events, with collaboration in many others
4 interfaculty colloquia with participants from the university of toronto and elsewhere
1 blog, Ground Motive, with many articles and discussions
29 educational and informative videos on our Youtube channel
168 issues of our newsletter Perspective (back to 1967) available online
316 people “like” us on Facebook