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3 - Poem: “Unemies” [sic]

by Drew Van't Land
The prince of peace’s enemies
Backstabbed wounds infect with disease
Backlogged years of bureaucratic attitudes
Provincial insults and territorial disputes
Caught two rulers in futile feudal feuds
A revolution’s fuse blew as zealous Hebrews
Refused the refuse savior they abused
Their views confused by his good news
The messiah only sighed, no words belied a ruse
A simple savior, a rumor of bad behavior
Blew him to and fro, he’d come and go forth
before court upon court upon court upon court
Roaming between Roman rulers
The priests policed the Hebrew mob he brewed
Stirring crowds into fomenting
His blood fermenting
His flesh swelling like bread-yeast
This master’s peace was a masterpiece
His peace fared better than warfare
’cause all’s fair in love and war there
Where a love affair with an earthen breed
Dethroned an innocent God of his judgment seat
Disowning his own claim to the throne
Alone he cried for the will to abide
Inside the ravenous wars
Of principalities and powers
Cyclones of violence among high-ranking foes
Invested with the best of methods to scourge Christ from both
Sides, he was tried yet true, black and blue
Hammered by gavels on political anvils
Evils fragment and split; Rend and rip
The fabric of fallacious friendship
Until tripped up by the Son’s tightlipped responses
They found common causes
In mocking his losses
What did the taxing axis of the cross cost him?
Intersecting the sects
and connecting the eclectic
His life was exchanged
to unite the estranged
Fusing former foes, he left behind restitched
The patchwork patterns of battered relationships
The Son’s silence
Undoes violence
And in the end
Enemies befriend
Again and again
And again,
Drew Van’t Land is a Junior Member at ICS in the MA program and a graduate of Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL