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2. Faculty Spotlight - Isabella Guthrie-McNaughton

While most of my time for the foreseeable future will be spent on the further development of our institutional repository, I am also dabbling into the world of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). As an information specialist I am curious about MOOCs and how academic librarians could support this method of education delivery. (Not that ICS is getting into the business of offering MOOCs). How best to understand a MOOC than to enrol in one or two myself!! Luckily the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill is offering an eight week course on metadata. Metadata is a key component of each publication in an institutional repository, hence my interest in this specific course. As a student of the course, I will be reading several e-books purchased for my Kindle and various articles delivered in electronic format through the course website. Lectures are offered through online video -- where if I wish, I can make online notes in a program that will automatically synchronize my notes with the lecture video for future reference. At this stage, I often reflect on how much the delivery of information to students has changed since the beginning of my career and how much library support for faculty and students has adapted to reflect those changes.