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01. About the Junior Member Issue

The Editorial Team

Obscurity in academic conversations, particularly those that concern philosophy and theology, is an enduring challenge. For my own part, ignorance, fear, and pride tempt me to hide behind academic jargon. Obscurity and insecurity make it difficult to demonstrate the value of the philosophical and theological work happening at ICS. Unless we remember those we intend to serve, the ones we are called to love, our neighbours, the near and the distant, all of this work is in vain.

In that spirit we Junior Members at the Institute, are excited to share ideas regarding truth, culture, and the future of society in an approachable manner, one that (hopefully) speaks to those outside our small group of colleagues. In this edition of Perspective, you’ll find a group of young scholars aspiring to live up to the tradition of ICS, a tradition characterized by reformational giants, such as Kuyper, by the work of past and present ICS members, and by the lifespring of a community, to which you—the reader—also belong.

While researching for this edition we were pleased to discover Vanguard and the Wedge Publishing Foundation in the archives. I hope our work maintains the feisty and constructive spirit found in those publications.
Caleb Ratzlaff (MA Program) lives in St. Catharines Ontario with his wife and 8 month old son.
Ruth Bott
MA Program
Joshua Harris
PhD Program
Ben Shank
PhD Program

Articles by Junior Members
Hector Acero-Ferrer (MA Program)
When the Faithful Meet the Wronged: In Search for the Truth about Justice
Ethan van der Leek (MA Program)
Some Truths About Christian Prayer
Dean Dettloff (MA Program)
Cynics in the Face of Apocalypse
Joseph Kirby (PhD Program)
Evolution: From Scientific to Religious Debate