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11. Blogroll, further reading from Ground Motive

The following articles can be found in full at Ground Motive, a forum designed to host and foster quality online dialogue on subjects of relevance to the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics (CPRSE) at ICS. We invite you to join the discussion!

[07 Aug 2014]
Love and Justice: Opposites or Otherwise?

Dean Dettloff – Junior Member

In this essay, Dean Dettloff cogently summarizes Paul Ricœur’s dialectic of love and justice. Ricœur, says Dettloff, sets them on a spectrum which both opposes love to justice and places them on equal footing. But Dettloff takes up Søren Kierkegaard to argue that this should not be so. In philosophical terms, love both precedes justice and transcends equal distribution. Thus, it is love that should have revolutionary priority in Christian thinking – and justice that follows from it.

[08 Jul 2014]
Disability Theology: When Miracles are Part of the Problem: A Guest Post by Charis St. Pierre

Charis St. Pierre – Administrator, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton

Charis St. Pierre takes the image of a wounded, risen Christ as a serious admonition to those who insist on “fixing” the disabled. Writing viscerally from experience and astutely from Scripture, St. Pierre argues that the perfection of Christ just might include those we are tempted to heal today. And if that is so, then those we call disabled may hope for a society that does not, through ignorance or neglect, continue to disable them.

[26 Feb 2014]
Celebrating Limitation

Shannon Hoff – Senior Member

A family Christmas tradition spurs Shannon Hoff to thoughtfully employ Hegel’s views on freedom. Openness and focus form a fundamental dialectic in human experience; we may follow Hegel in considering the tension between opportunity and action or the universal and the particular. Because of this structure of living, freedom is only sometimes being able to do anything we want. More often, as we mature, we instead find freedom in doing one thing we want very well.

[07 Feb 2014]
Trading Hell for Hope: An Interview with Nik Ansell

Matthew E. Johnson – Junior Member

In a candid interview with Ground Motive, Professor Ansell discusses his newest book, The Annihilation of Hell. In it, he proposes that Hell has a different purpose than we commonly believe. Rather than being the ultimate punishment, Hell is instead a penultimate “judgment unto salvation.” Deftly reflecting on – and critiquing – the theologian Jurgen Moltmann, as well as closely reading texts from Genesis, Isaiah and Revelation, Ansell shows that this alternative is entirely in keeping with both the Bible and classical Christian hope.

[04 Dec 2013]
The Search for Colombian "Q": Discovering the Hidden Source of a Spirituality of Hope

Hector Acero-Ferrer – Junior Member

Hector Acero-Ferrer shares a refreshing perspective on the surprisingly non-Christian sources of the very Christian faith of his native Colombia. Far from solely taking their cues from Roman Catholicism, Colombians also incorporate “radical Christian theologies, different forms of mystic spirituality, and an ongoing, insistent call to social transformation.” And they have developed their own traditions emphasizing motherhood, the power of ritual, and building God’s kingdom. Regardless of ethnic background or affiliation, Colombians continue a rich, fluid, and vital interchange about their Christian faith.