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3. Enhancing Global Access to ICS Research

The institutional repository of ICS continues to grow both in the number of publications and the number of visitors viewing and downloading our items. Visitors are viewing our publications from as far as Australia and Indonesia.

As of April 8, 2015 more than 500 items have been placed into the ICS community section (ir.icscanada.edu/icsir/handle/10756/232252). This section includes items from our Archives and Special Collections; Course Syllabi; Faculty Publications; Graduate Student Publications; Theses and Dissertations; and Perspective issues. The most popular items viewed are: “Towards a Christian Philosophy,” a dissertation by Dr. Thomas McCormick (2012); “The Risk of Hospitality: Selfhood, Otherness, and Ethics in Deconstruction and Phenomenological Hermeneutics,” a thesis by Nathan Bonney (2012) and “Foucault, Levinas and the Ethical Embodied Subject,” a dissertation by Wing-Kai Lok (2012).

We are also developing the CPRSE community section in the repository (ir.icscanada.edu/icsir/handle/10756/271752). Be sure to check this section for conference papers, archived issues of Ground Motive and CRPSE reports and papers. If you missed the paper Ron Kuipers presented at the Interfaith in Action: Working for Social Justice Workshop in March 2015, you can read it at hdl.handle.net/10756/347153

Are you interested in reading the dissertation or theses of our 2015 graduates? You can view Carolyn Mackie's thesis “'Two Things at the Same Time': Fordoblelse in Kierkegaard's Writings” at: (hdl.handle.net/10756/336523); or, try Matt Johnson's thesis “Liberating Emergence: Human Dependence and Autonomy in Emergentism, Hermeneutics, and Pragmatism” at: (hdl.handle.net/10756/337347). Dianne Bergsma’s dissertation, “Revisiting Bathsheba and David: A Recuperative Reading with Julia Kristeva” (hdl.handle.net/10756/337327), is another title that is capturing the interest of readers from as far as Australia, Denmark and Romania.

We're continuously adding faculty publications and conference papers by both faculty and junior members, to name just a few of the categories and once-hidden treasures. Keep coming back to see what's new!
Isabella Guthrie-McNaughton is the ICS Librarian and keeper of the ICS Institutional Repository.