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3. MWS in Action: Marg Hoogland in Nicaragua

Marg and Jake Hoogland, originally from Alberta by way of Dordt College, volunteer with World Renew. They lived seven years in Bolivia and three-and-a-half in Nicaragua, and now serve as International Relief Managers. When our Master of Worldview Studies in Urban Ministry launched in Central America in 2014, Marg was in the first cohort, before transferring to the Social Justice stream. Just recently, she completed the action-oriented project required by the program. Her experience with people undertaking short-term mission trips ("Visitors with a Purpose" or "VWAPs"), plus her earlier experience as a teacher-librarian, has allowed Marg to develop a more focussed orientation for these visitors.

An important part of this is helping the visited and the visitors understand each other’s worldviews, so that dialogue and deeper understanding are nurtured. On the mission side, the emphasis has been on making a material contribution (constructing and painting houses, digging wells and latrines, etc.), getting these important things “done”. However, it is vital VWAPs first learn more about the people they serve, so they can do so in ways that are truly needed. Marg’s project is an excellent example of the kind of project the ICS Master of Worldview Studies is designed to support.