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5. Some Comments from Our Readers

Just received Perspective, Fall 2015. Great content. Thanks for the inspiration. Homer Samplonius

Please apply this donation to your student support program. Also, I wanted to commend you for the last edition of Perspective which was exceptionally good. Doug Blomberg’s article, for example, was excellent! Michael Tymchak

Hi ICS, I enjoyed all the articles in Perspective Fall 2015 which I re-read today. Good articles by Doug Blomberg, Rachel McGuire, and Joshua Harris. Joshua’s article reminded me of a painting I saw in Madrid…. I have attached a photo for Joshua (Dominguez, La apisonadora y la rosa) as I thought he would be interested. The Rose, and God, “just are” and may appear to be a useless presence, but this painting shows their potential – a potential that is just around the corner. Enjoy. H.P.

I want to give you feedback on the fall 2015 issue.. I liked it very much. Here are some of the things I like.

The quote from Al Wolters at the top of the paper which states so briefly what this is all about. The back story of Douglas Blomberg—we see God at work and the lives of his ancestors. Within that story I like the naming of specific ways some people choose to “live the message”. Pastor Johnson and his wife chose to give their Australian daughter a native name and also adopted an aboriginal girl into their family. I like the story of Wilberforce’s “launchers”. These stories get the imagination of us working to see new ways of living ordinary life in the place we inhabit in the kingdom of God. So does the story of Rachel McGuire and her strawberry patch.

The “What are You Doing Here?” page is good, especially placed right in the middle — we ordinary supporters can see these scholars each have to find what specific “strawberry patches” and “launchers” they have to discover in their own fields. W. B.
Indeed I read the latest issue of Perspective, it contains great stories and news. I enjoyed this format and issue by all means. Henry Numan

Perspective, Fall 2015: superb! Your article Doug, Rachel McGuire, Joshua Harris and Matt Bonzo. You served well---2015. The Lord be praised. Louis Tamminga

As for your query on what I think of ICS's new vision/direction? I'm not an "academic", although I do have a BEd and an ESL Specialist diploma, but I enjoy "muddling" my way through the philosophical outpourings and reformed perspicacious musings and explorations of both staff and students.

I was raised Kuyperian and it all just seems to resonate with my own "world and life view" and with my global ramblings. I also like the renewed focus towards reconnecting with the donor support base in a more down to earth, yet very professional manner. It makes one appreciate even more the invaluable contributions that ICS is making towards contemporary Christian thought and scholarship. Maaike Buma